• Frontend architect/lead/developer with over 15 years of experience.
  • Working in very vast environments from big tech to small startups.
  • Built/architected large-scale monolith front-ends as well as micro frontends.
  • Very data-driven and business-oriented person.
  • Focused on team performance, code quality, and software maintanace.
  • Got huge experience with many modern frameworks and libraries: React, React Native, Angular, Next.js. As well as pure Javascript development and performance optimizations.
  • ChatGPT Operator, TensorFlow lover!
  • Skills

    Javascript (EcmaScript), TypeScript, DOM, HTML5 and XHTML, CSS, WebGl, object-oriented/functional programming, REST, PHP, MySQL, Ruby(Rails), Python, design patterns, TDD, nodejs, React.js, React Native, Redux, Three.js, GIT, SVN, VIM, Photoshop/Fireworks. (some java, c/c++, objective-c, erlang, haskell)



    Owner and CTO at AugmentedTrading

    Mar 2023 – Present

    Designed, architected, and developed an AI-driven charting and trading application.

    Technologies: TypeScript, React, Next.js, MaterialUI, Three.js, TensorFlow, AI/ML, Jest, Node.js, Electron, AWS, BinanceAPI, cryptocurrencies.

    CTO and lead developer OpenUp

    Apr 2020 – Mar 2023

    Architected and led React Native (iOS/Android) team-building application.

    Technologies: TypeScript, React Native, ReactJS, Jest, Appium, Webdriver, Firebase, Twilio, VoIP, and a lot more...

    Owner and CTO at The Typing Cat

    Jan 2014 – Present

    Designed, architected, and developed the online keyboard typing tutor.

    Technologies: Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS, Redux, Redux-Saga, Jest, Enzyme, Node.js, MySQL, Redis, Expressjs, bookshelf, passportjs, stylus, AWS

    Tech lead at Gelato

    Nov 2017 – Mar 2020

    Architected, designed, and led React/React Native(Web/iOS/Android) photo-product application.

    Technologies: TypeScript, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS, React Native, ReactJS, Redux, Redux-Saga, Jest, Enzyme, Microfrontends and a lot more...

    Senior Software Engineer at Match Byte

    Feb 2017 – Sep 2017
    (7 months)

    Designed, architected, and developed React and React Native(iOS/Android) cross-platform interactive real-time configurable airplane booking engine system.

    Technologies: Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, React Native, ReactJS, Redux, Redux-Saga.

    Senior Software Engineer at Mava Athletics

    Dec 2016 – Apr 2017
    (5 months)

    Designed, architected, and developed React Native(iOS/Android) mobile training app.

    Technologies: Javascript, React Native, ReactJS, Redux, Redux-Saga

    Senior Software Engineer at Nexus Productions for Google

    2013 – 2017
    (5 years)

    Developed several very interactive web/hardware projects at

    Selected showcases:

    Technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Angular, jQuery, WebGl, Three.js, SASS, JAVA(GWT), Python, Raspberry Pi

    Frontend Architect at Socio Fabrica

    Sep 2012 – July 2016
    (4 years)

    Led, architected, developed, and participated in the design and testing of several web projects listed below.

    Technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Backbonejs, jQuery, LESS, ASP.NET

    Senior Frontend Developer at Loverly

    Nov 2015 – Mar 2016
    (5 months)

    Architected, and developed an interactive CRM system for Virtual Wedding Planner.

    Technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Marionette.js, Bootstrap, NodeJs, MongoDB, Stripe, Layer (chat API)

    Frontend Architect at The Wonderfactory

    Apr 2012 – Jul 2012
    (4 months)
    Jul 2013 – May 2014
    (9 months)

    Developed, and architected a desktop and mobile web app for browsing offers from local retailers called icircular. Developed youtube like COPPA valid video sharing portal with a very interactive WEBGL editor called viddiverse.

    Technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Backbonejs, jQuery, Mustache, Video.js, WebGL

    JavaScript Coach at Developers Peak and DevMeetings

    Jan 2011 - Apr 2012
    (1 year+)

    Conducted more than 30 commercial frontend full-day/few-day workshops around Poland and Germany for individuals and companies like Travian Games GmbH and GameForge AG.

    • Understanding JavaScript Language Essentials. - PDF
    • Real Life JS: High Performance Webapps. - PDF
    • Collision detection in JavaScript.
    • HTML5 game development.

    Senior Software Developer at Deutsche Telecom AG

    Sep 2010 – Jun 2011
    (10 months)

    Developed cross-platform epub reader.

    Technologies: (Core renderer) - JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Qooxdoo, (WRT Desktop) - C/C++, QT, (WRT iOS) - Objective-C, (WRT Android) - Java

    Software Developer Can't Stop Games

    Jun 2008 - Nov 2010
    (2 years 6 months)

    Developed browser MMORPG game.

    Technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, C/C++ and PHP


    B.S., Telecommunications Multimedia Systems

    Wroclaw University of Technology,
    Sep 2003 - Jun 2008

    Faculty: Electronics and Telecommunications,
    Thesis: Integrated web-based RDBMS management system.


    Game development, photography, electronics, cryptocurrencies, trading, and AI/ML.